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Baglioni ha partecipato al Tech Talk 2022 del Politecnico di Torino

Baglioni’s participation in Turin Polytechnic’s Tech Talk 2022.

Baglioni’s participation in Turin Polytechnic’s Tech Talk 2022.

On Thursday, October 20, Baglioni participated in Tech Talk 2022 at the Polytechnic University of Turin.

For the occasion, we had structured the meeting as a real educational event.

Our goal was to meet with students to provide them with real tools and present Italian industrial realities participating in the development of cutting-edge markets.

Why did we choose to participate in an event like Tech Talk 2022 at the Polytechnic University of Turin?

Because we believe that communicating how Italy’s leading companies are doing in a booming market can inspire students to enter this context, and complete their education on the topic.

At this point, let’s find out more about our educational program.

Baglioni’s educational program for Tech Talk 2022 at the Polytechnic University of Turin

We believe that for students, events like Tech Talk 2022 are educational opportunities.

So we had structured our educational program to show where Baglioni enters the green hydrogen value chain and how it supports customers in its development and industrialization.

In particular, we wanted to talk about our developments in the field of hydrogen processing.

Our intention was to highlight some components too often left in the background compared to the stack inside the electrolyzer.

Specifically, we talked about:

  • components for the BOP, the Balance of Plant
  • Equipment for the purification and treatment of hydrogen within the most common electrolyzers
  • pressure vessels for metal hydrides, or so-called solid-state storage.

In addition, during the presentation we saw one of the main methods of green hydrogen production by focusing on PEM electrolyzers, but not only that.

We presented the differences in the machines and geometries of the BOP.

We talked about heat exchangers and separators, and also explained what precautions to take when working with hydrogen and their industrialization, serial and custom production phase.

Finally, we focused on theinteraction between reservoirs and hydrogen contained in hydride metals.

The report: how was our experience at Tech Talk 2022 at the Polytechnic University of Turin

With Tech Talk behind us, it is only fair to report on our experience.

If we analyze the educational aspect related to this event, we can certainly say that it was inspiring to be able to convey to students concrete and detailed information about the market in which we operate. In this way, we were able to offer prospective engineers and practitioners perspectives in terms of jobs and clarify any doubts or false beliefs. Indeed, remember that this field will offer many career opportunities in the future.

If, on the other hand, we analyze the human and emotional side of this experience, we can say that it was beautiful and exciting to be able to convey the passion we have for our work and our company.
In fact, as some of the students we met a few days later at Career Day told us , it was clear from our words and attitude that we not only enjoy our work, but that we are passionate about it and happy to be able to do it.

Learn more about the university’s education portal and the event Tech Talk 2022 at the Polytechnic University of Turin .

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