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Stoccaggio idrogeno: il nuovo catalogo di Baglioni

Hydrogen storage: the new catalog from Baglioni

Hydrogen storage: the new catalog from Baglioni

In this article we want to explore the topic of hydrogen storage. To do so, we bring our new catalog dedicated to hydrogen storage tanks as an example.

We have chosen to focus on this topic because, as of today, hydrogen represents a safe and clean fuel that is well-suited to steer Europe toward a greener future.

When produced from renewable energy sources, hydrogen does not produce CO 2 , it can also be stored for long periods of time and used as backup energy when needed.

In general, there are several sectors that could benefit from storing and usinghydrogen as an energy source. Which ones?

  • transportation and mobility
  • waste treatment and water treatment
  • hospitals
  • steel mills and heavy industry
  • logistics
  • agriculture in remote sites
  • the ceramics industry and glassworks

At the moment, however, one of the main challenges to overcome is precisely finding practical systems to store hydrogen.

Our tanks can be a solution.

Let’s find out more about it.

Hydrogen tanks featured in the new catalog

Our many years of experience in this field enables us to design innovative hydrogen storage tanks.

Specifically, among other solutions, our new product catalog features two-level pressure tanks:

  • 35 bar
  • 70 bar

Our hydrogen storage solutions are made of carbon steel and can have either horizontal or vertical configuration.

As for volumetric sizes, we offer our customers a wide range of options from which they can choose the tank that best suits their individual needs.

In fact, our standard solutions can measure:

  • 25m3
  • 50m3
  • 100m3
  • 150m3
  • 200m3

That said, in case of need, our company is also able to make customized vertical and horizontal hydrogen storage tanks.
Download the catalog with our new offering of vertical and horizontal hydrogen storage tanks: click here .

How to proceed with hydrogen storage using our tanks

Earlier, we mentioned that one of the main challenges that needs to be addressed in the hydrogen sector is related to the storage of this chemical element.

Let’s try to understand how the hydrogen storage process works and see how it can be implemented by means of our tanks.

First, hydrogen can be stored and transported as:

  • high pressure gas
  • low temperature liquid
  • In the solid state, such as in metal hydrides

Typically, hydrogen storage processes involve placing a compressor before the storage tank. This is because the compressor is used to bring the hydrogen pressure up to the required level, and only then is the hydrogen stored in the tank.

Based on these assumptions, we chose to include low-pressure hydrogen storage tanks in the new catalog.

Why is hydrogen storage even at low pressureimportant?

Mainly because it allows the reduction of costs associated with the plant: from construction and maintenance costs, to operating expenses (OpEx) and capital expenditures (CapEx).

With our tanks capable of storing hydrogen at 35 bar pressure, for example, the customer does not need to compress the hydrogen before storing it.

35 bar, in fact, usually corresponds to the value of the pressure of hydrogen leaving an electrolyzer.
Consequently, our hydrogen storage tanks can be placed directly between the electrolyzer, or any other hydrogen production system, and the machine that consumes or transports it. In this way, they allow the compressor to be removed from the system.

Baglioni Spa’s other hydrogen products

In addition to hydrogen storage tanks, over the years we have developed and supplied several products related to this supply chain to our customers.

As we mentioned in thearticle dedicated to the energy transition, for the hydrogen market we realize:

Contact us for more information.